Real Estate

Financing rental unit acquisitions

Project Highlights:

-Family acquiring multifamily rental portfolio consisting of 2 to 4 units in Pierce County.
-Conventional lenders could not accommodate the need to fund opportunistic acquisitions on short notice.
-Family turned to Viewcrest Capital to be their reliable financing partner for rapid acquisitions.
-To date, Viewcrest Capital has funded the family with 14 multifamily acquisition loans.
-Properties are fully renovated within 5 months of acquisition and re-leased at top market rents.
-Upon completion, the family pays off Viewcrest Capital with permanent Fannie Mae loans.
A local family is building an income producing real estate portfolio primarily comprised of 2 to 4 unit multifamily properties. They needed a lender experienced in evaluating post rehabilitation rental values and with the ability to close transactions quickly. Viewcrest Capital established a close working relationship with the family over the past 3 years, funding 14 loans secured by a total of 34 units. Their properties achieve top of the market rents, which enable the appraisal values necessary to obtain favorable permanent Fannie Mae financing terms.